Chairman Message

Teachers are the building blocks of the society – a dedicated lot who contributed their youthful & experienced shinning years in building the society brick by brick. Society owes a sense of indebtedness towards them.

They are the true leaders, a lighthouse of knowledge and wisdom, who can liberate the society from the present mess, socio economic both, if associated at a socially viable platform to work collectively for a noble cause..

But, a hard fact, at the height of their career, booming with energy and motivation, best brains of academicians and professors superannuated. Their Welfare remains uncared for the benefit and development of the society - a colossal national loss.

In view of uniting all the Teachers irrespective of their grade such as Secondary Grade Graduate or P.G. etc., and all other ministerial staffs attached to educational Institution to take care of the Welfare of their families the Teachers Housing & Welfare Trust has been formed.

Trust, as its service theme, has made a modest, but significant, beginning to promote the Teachers Community to march forward and contribute their rightful in the process of social re-construction, through their fruitful participation in housing and welfare projects.